Lana Unveiled: A New Perspective on Leadership

June 29, 2023

Tina Tran Neville

Lana Learn founder, Tina Tran Neville, gives her thoughts on one of Lana’s core values, Leadership, and how it benefits our organization, customers, and the education industry.

Last month, we shared Lana’s core values of L – Leadership, A – Achievement, N – Novelty, and A – Accountability. This month, we want to highlight Leadership.

⭐L – Leadership

For our organization, we’re not just co-workers; we’re collaborators. Every team member actively contributes ownership in their area of expertise, fully aware that shared and diverse talents fuel large-scale impacts, rather than individual efforts.

For our customers, Leadership extends beyond being a guiding principle; it’s our promise. Our approach leverages our resources and expertise, drawing insights from various programs to optimize customer’s Return on Education (ROE) and Return on Investment (ROI). We’re not just committed to customer success; we’re deeply committed to individual student results as well.

For the education and training industry, we aim to innovate, not just participate. Leadership, to us, means trailblazing and disrupting norms. Our ambition goes beyond excellence; we aspire to instigate significant, industry-wide changes for the greatest impact.

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