Intensive SAT Prep Program at Paul PCS

April 27, 2023

Maya Burke

Lana Learn provided students at Paul Public Charter School with an intensive SAT prep program to support academic achievement.

Last summer, Lana Learn provided an intensive SAT prep program for a small class of juniors at Paul Public Charter School. These juniors received a three-week class that met four times a week. Lana Learn coaches provided them with a fast-paced, but comprehensive, SAT prep curriculum.

The coaches guided students to create their own individualized study plans which helps them take ownership of their academic success. In addition, they learned about the philosophy and structure of the SAT and received strategies that have been proven to increase test performance. Students spent time applying the strategies through drills on each section of the exam. Our coaches gave the students practice exams throughout the program to measure their improvement. These exams give the students valuable insight of the areas in which they need the most practice.  

Currently, Lana Learn program managers are working with Paul school staff to evaluate their SAT prep strategy. Our goal is to give our partner schools the individualized support needed to ensure these programs support student success. We look forward to continuing our partnership.

intensive SAT prep program

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