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HIT partner school teachers receive thanks for their work

This May, Lana celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Week by honoring both the HIT partner school teachers and our academic coaches. 

The first week of May marks National Teacher Appreciation Week. Our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program in Washington, DC relies on collaboration with our HIT partner school teachers. Lana operates HIT programming across four schools with 13 teachers who support our academic coaches. These teachers work closely with our staff to align students’ regular classroom workload with that of HIT sessions. They witness the impact our program has on students and the importance of its integration into the school day. They have been advocates for the continuation of the OSSE-funded HIT initiative. We thank them for the support and dedication that drives their students’ success.

Expressing gratitude to teachers and academic coaches

To thank teachers for their support and collaborative efforts, we assembled small gift bags containing a handmade flower bouquet, a handwritten card from the coach they work closely with, and a large canister of coffee from Compass Coffee. Upon distributing these gifts to teachers, we received many emotional and appreciative responses. DC teachers do so much for their students, so we were pleased to provide them with something to brighten their day. 

For our academic coaches, we spread the celebration of their work throughout appreciation week. We ordered food for our monthly in-person meeting, hosted a company-wide happy hour, sent digital cards to our coaches, and surprised them with breakfast at their schools. Our academic coaches work on site in their schools four days a week. They collaborate with teachers and administrators and conduct sessions with students to improve class grades and attendance. They put in an incredible amount of work, and we are fortunate to have them on our team. 

So, this month, we celebrate them. Their dedication to their work and their perseverance impact so many lives. Thank you, academic coaches! 

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