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High-Impact Tutoring Summit promotes the future of HIT

High-Impact Tutoring Summit unites educators, providers, leaders, and funders in Washington, DC.

This March, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), in collaboration with CityTutor DC, held a High-Impact Tutoring Summit. The High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) initiative was started back in 2022 to close long-standing academic disparities among students in Washington, DC. Lana Learn is currently in its third school semester of HIT programming. The objective of the recent summit was to exchange best practices, spotlight accomplishments, and discuss sustaining the future of HIT. The event offered our team invaluable insights into the practices of other tutoring providers, strategies for program enhancement, and potential avenues for securing ongoing HIT funding.

A day of collaboration and connection

The summit commenced with remarks from Dr. Christina Grant, the State Superintendent of Education in the District of Columbia. She applauded the commendable efforts of educators and HIT providers and set the tone for a day of collaboration and connection. The summit went on to include breakout sessions for educators to share HIT best practices. This included discussions of on-the-ground experiences and effective tutoring strategies.

  • HIT It Out of The Park: Strong Models for Implementation
    This session featured a panel of tutoring providers and school leaders discussing successful implementation strategies. They emphasized the integration of tutoring programs into school schedules, culturally competent training, and the importance of a structured tutoring curriculum.
  • Closing the Access Gap: Developing Educator Teams
    This session, comprised of diverse school stakeholders, emphasized fostering trust among team members. Additionally, it promoted a collaborative approach to program implementation, mirroring desired student behavior. 
  • Artificial Intelligence and The Future of Tutoring
    This final session was particularly interesting because of how new the conversation around artificial intelligence (AI) is to education. The biggest takeaway was that AI is here, and we cannot sit by and simply let it happen. We need to get ahead of it, understand it, and implement it with intention and care. 

Educational leadership in DC

Additionally, the summit scheduled two panels that highlighted educational leadership in DC. Furthermore, Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser gave a speech that exemplified her commitment to continuing to fund HIT initiatives.

The HIT summit served as an inspirational forum, fostering meaningful connections, imparting valuable insights, and reigniting a collective sense of purpose in our HIT endeavors. Lana Learn extends gratitude to OSSE and CityTutor DC for putting this event together, providing a platform for the entire HIT community in the DC area to convene and celebrate progress. 

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