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Five Ways to Motivate Students Mid-Semester

Lana Learn instructors in Hanoi use creative strategies to motivate students in order to avoid the mid-semester blues.

The Lana Learn instructors gear up for the second half of the semester at the Unit 871 English language training program in Hanoi. It is important to focus on maintaining motivation and engagement in the classroom to enhance the student learning experience and increase their academic success. Here are five strategies to help motivate students and keep them engaged this semester.

Personalize Learning

Tailor lessons and activities to students’ interests, abilities, and learning styles. You can personalize lessons by involving students and asking them to share their own thoughts and experiences. We talk about our friends, traveling in Vietnam, and going to their hometowns for holiday. This keeps our students engaged and eager to speak and share more. 

Create a Positive Learning Environment

Encourage collaboration, respect, and a growth mindset to create a positive and supportive learning atmosphere. At Unit 871, we foster the idea that the students are are a team working together to achieve a common goal. As a class, we set goals together such as reaching a class average or improving a previous one. Make sure your students can understand the importance of working in a group and helping others with constructive feedback and positive reinforcement. 

Encourage Hands-On Learning

Hands-on activities and projects can help students apply what they have learned in a fun and engaging way. At Unit 871, we often play games. Throwing balls at targets drawn on the board or eating food blindfolded to practice vocabulary and sentence structures allows students to learn in a hands-on way. Students, even adults, learn well when given the opportunity to be more hands-on and have fun.  

Provide Choice and Autonomy  

Allowing students to have choice and control over their learning can have positive outcomes. Consider offering options for projects, assignments, or learning activities to give students a sense of autonomy.  Have your students pick their own topics for presentations and guide them through making it their own.  

Celebrate Student Success

Recognizing and celebrating student success, both big and small, can boost their motivation and self-esteem. Consider using positive reinforcement, such as reward systems or public recognition, to acknowledge their achievements.  Even giving students a 5-minute extended break for working extremely hard can make a significant difference. Recognizing growth and achievement can really help motivate your students.  

By following these five strategies, you can create a fun, educational, and motivated learning environment for your students. Your commitment to their success and well-being makes a huge impact on mindset during the semester and beyond.

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