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Fall site visits ensure High-Impact Tutoring program success in Washington, DC

Lana Learn’s HIT program manager conducts fall site visits with OSSE and CityTutor DC to ensure program effectiveness.

The Lana Learn team in Washington, DC is making notable developments within our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program. Three academic coaches underwent training in September and commenced their roles in October after a period of classroom observation. This November, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), in partnership with CityTutor DC, has chosen to conduct fall site visits to HIT programs. OSSE conducts site visits twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

OSSE and CityTour DC evaluate programs based on their High-Impact Tutoring standards rubric. CityTutor selected our HIT partner school Theodore Roosevelt High School for their site visit. Academic Coach Jenna Sagan, focuses on enhancing English language arts (ELA) and math comprehension at Roosevelt. In addition, she is working to boost student attendance, particularly among English language learners (ELLs).

Earlier this month, HIT Program Manager Maya Burke met with a representative from CityTutor at Roosevelt High School. The site visit commenced with an interview involving Maya, the CityTutor representative, and Multilingual Learner Program Coordinator Ben Davidson from Roosevelt. The discussion covered the program’s general structure as well as program resources, successes, and challenges. The group then observed a 30-minute tutoring session led by Jenna. These observations provide valuable insights for assessing HIT program effectiveness.

This successful site visit offered our funders the opportunity to see firsthand the positive impact our coaches are making on students. CityTutor is currently compiling data from discussions and observations to provide feedback on how to further enhance program quality and impact. They will provide strategic recommendations on addressing challenges, such as attendance, to fortify the program for the upcoming spring semester. We are happy to welcome CityTour onboard our program and receive their positive initial feedback. We are excited for future collaborations with them to continue to refine and maximize HIT program effectiveness.

A student sitting at a desk completing worksheets.
Academic Coach Jenna Sagan, focuses on enhancing English language arts (ELA) and math comprehension at Roosevelt High School.
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