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Enriching staff training elevates quality and impact of tutoring in Washington, DC

The Lana team in Washington, DC participated in an enriching staff training to continue to provide top-notch academic tutoring and test prep support.

Earlier this month, the entire Washington, DC team at Lana Learn participated in an enriching staff training session conducted by the University of the District of Columbia‘s Institute for Youth Development. The purpose of the training was to enhance our team’s knowledge in two key areas: tutoring best practices and multiple intelligences. Lana Learn’s dedication to continuous learning and professional development underscores our commitment to provide top-notch academic tutoring and SAT prep support.

The tutoring best practices portion of the training focused on evidence-based methodologies, effective communication strategies, and personalized tutoring approaches. Our tutors gained valuable insights into fostering a supportive learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of our students. By incorporating these best practices, Lana Learn is poised to elevate the quality and impact of our tutoring services, ensuring a more tailored and engaging educational experience for every student we support.

The multiple intelligences portion of the training provided our staff with a deeper understanding of Howard Gardner’s theory, which claims that individuals possess a variety of cognitive strengths. This knowledge empowers our tutors to recognize and harness the diverse intelligences of our students. Therefore, it enables a more inclusive and effective approach to instruction. Lana Learn embraces the uniqueness of each learner, and this training aligns perfectly with our mission to provide personalized support that maximizes student potential.

I am extremely proud of our dedicated team for actively participating in this training initiative. The knowledge gained from the Institute for Youth Development will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of our tutoring and test prep services. It also demonstrates our consistent commitment to excellence and positions Lana Learn to be a leader in providing innovative, student-centered educational support in Washington, DC.

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