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Digital SAT prep trainings contribute to students’ academic success

The Lana Learn team continues to hold digital SAT prep trainings to develop teachers’ knowledge of the test and promote family engagement.

Amidst the early January snowfall in the Washington, DC area, Lana Learn led two digital SAT prep trainings for teachers at Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for Public Policy and Thurgood Marshall Academy(TMA). Our purpose? To equip educators with essential digital SAT prep strategies. We firmly believe that well-prepared teachers are the key to unlocking students’ full potential.

In our commitment to offering a true-to-life testing experience, we assisted with proctoring a digital SAT exam at Cesar Chavez. This hands-on simulation familiarized students with the digital testing environment. It also instilled in them the familiarity and confidence needed to approach the real exam day with ease.

Increasing family engagement

Anticipating the launch of our SAT and ACT courses in February, Lana Learn organized a dynamic virtual Q&A session at Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS). This interactive event was thoughtfully designed to introduce Lana Learn, delve into key exam features, share invaluable tips and tricks, and, most importantly, address questions from students and their families.

We acknowledge the indispensable role of family engagement in student success, with the virtual Q&A session at SSFS exemplifying our commitment to fostering a sense of community and transparency. Informed students and engaged families stand as pivotal contributors to the success of our test preparation programs.

The Lana team understands that family engagement goes beyond mere attendance at information sessions. Therefore, we create a collaborative learning environment where families become active partners in their child’s educational journey. The support system at home significantly influences a student’s ability to focus, set goals, and persevere through challenges.

We are excited about the upcoming SAT prep courses at TMA and Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School this February. These partnerships signify our commitment to reaching a broader range of students and making meaningful learning gains possible for all.

In conclusion, Lana Learn’s winter endeavors revolve around nurturing educators, fostering family engagement, and expanding learning opportunities. We look forward to a season of growth, collaboration, and academic success for every student in our community.

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