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English language training scores improve in six months

Lana sees notable improvements in students’ English language training scores that qualify them for follow-on training.

44 Vietnamese military officers graduated from Lana’s English language training (ELT) program this May. 15 of those students came from Mr. Cedric Chigome’s Class Bravo. The group has shown remarkable diligence and progress that shows in their English language training scores. After a rigorous six months, their hard work culminated in an overall performance that is both commendable and encouraging. 

Student progress

One of the standout performers, Lt Lê Quang Thái, started with an initial American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) score of 46. By the end of the course, Lt Thái improved significantly, achieving a final score of 69, which reflects an impressive 50% improvement. This remarkable progress is a testament to the hard work and dedication exhibited over the course period. 

Similarly, Capt. Trịnh Như Lai also demonstrated substantial improvement. Starting with an initial score of 44, Capt. Lai’s consistent efforts paid off handsomely with a final score of 74. This remarkable 68% leap in performance highlights the effectiveness of the training program and Capt. Lai’s commitment to excellence. 

Another notable mention is Lt Hoàng Văn Diện, who began with a score of 35 and finished with a strong 67. This near doubling of the initial score signifies tremendous growth and reflects the hard work invested in the learning journey. 

Overall, out of the 15 students in Class Bravo, 9 successfully passed the course. This means that they met the minimum ALCPT score of 55, set forth by the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), that qualifies them for follow-on training programs in the United States. While 6 narrowly missed the passing mark, it’s important to recognize that each of them demonstrated substantial improvements. The collective progress of these students underscores the positive trajectory of their learning curve and the potential for future success with continued effort and guidance. 

Class Bravo has set a high standard with their remarkable progress and dedication. Their performance serves as an inspiration and a benchmark for future cohorts. Congratulations to all students for their hard work and achievements! 

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