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English language training program provides candidates for follow-on training

Lana’s English language training program shows notable student improvement, supplying candidates eligible for follow-on training in the US.

With great enthusiasm, the Lana team in Vietnam announces the outstanding accomplishments of our recent English language training (ELT) program graduates. 44 Vietnamese military officers completed their final American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT) and received their course graduation certificates on May 23, 2024. They demonstrated exceptional growth over six months. Their final scores reflect their hard work and dedication to English language acquisition. In particular, the students enhanced their listening comprehension skills which is a key area of development for Vietnamese language learners in general. This program stands as a pivotal element of the Ministry of National Defense’s goal to have 30% of the armed forces proficient in English by 2030.  

Class Alpha: The Trailblazers

Starting with an impressive initial ALCPT average of 60, Class Alpha’s officers soared to new heights, reaching a class average of 75 on their final exam. This shows a growth rate, or percentage increase, of 25% throughout the course. Their journey didn’t stop there; they also aced their Book Quizzes with a remarkable 93% class average. These achievement assessments showcase their retention rate and understanding of the course material.  

Class Bravo: The Steady Climbers

Class Bravo began their ascent from a 39 average ALCPT score, climbing steadily to a 58 by the final test. This remarkable 48% growth rate is a testament to their perseverance and commitment to mastering English. Our partner, the Office of the Defense Cooperation (ODC) set the threshold for follow-on training (FOT) at a score of 55. We are happy to report that, on average, Class Bravo has surpassed this threshold.

Class Charlie: The Determined Achievers

Class Charlie demonstrated incredible progress. They started at a 29 average ALCPT score and advanced to 49 by the end of the course. This shows a 75% growth rate in six months and is nothing short of inspiring. In this entire cohort of program participants, the most improved student came from Class Charlie. He entered the program with the lowest exam score of 23 and was able to increase his score to 57. Not only did he meet the threshold for FOT, but he also improved by a rate of 148%.

Charting the Path to Success

Our program’s tailored approach, focusing on critical language skills and cross-cultural communication, empowers students to exceed expectations. Their efforts pave the way for future cohorts to reach even greater heights. After the final ALCPT, 59% of students were eligible to write the English Comprehension Level (ECL) test that is required for follow-on training programs. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for their unwavering support. Together, we’re not just teaching a language, we’re nurturing the future communicators of the armed forces and fostering international cooperation.  

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