George Washington University students meet with Cardozo High School students to discuss post-high school options.

Impact Insights

College and Career Options for Cardozo High School Students

Lana Learn and the Latino Student Fund facilitated meetings with students about college and career options after graduation.

Lana Learn has partnered with the Latino Student Fund to carry out their Te Guio programming at Cardozo High School. This is part of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program. The program guides students in 9th and 10th grade on the path to graduation, enrolling in higher education, and transitioning to a healthy adulthood. This month, we facilitated meetings betwee Te Guio students and three current George Washington University students. They engaged in a conversation about college and career options after graduation.

The session started with an overview of the different post-high school options, such as vocational training, community college, and university. The George Washington (GW) students helped the Te Guio participants explore how their interests can be turned into careers. All the participants showed an interest in going to university. The GW students talked to the participants about the paths required to reach their individual goals. They discussed the steps they can take to accomplish them. They strongly recommended involvement in extracurricular activities and working hard in school.

The GW students emphasized the importance of figuring out what the participants value in a university experience. They each told their stories about picking a university and highlighted the importance of the decision. They also pointed out that it’s OK to change their minds if they find a better fit later on.

The GW students gave the Te Guio participants some resources to help them start exploring universities. They showed the participants a website that rates universities based on student life, academics, sports, and more. The Te Guio participants were enthusiastic about the future and had fun browsing through universities on the website!

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