Unit 871 Peer Learning

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American Language Course: Peer Learning

The American Language Course instructors at Unit 871 in Hanoi are implementing the peer learning strategy to promote student achievement.

The American Language Course (ALC) instructors at Unit 871 in Hanoi prioritize implementing learning strategies that lead to student achievement. We strive to always serve our students best through assessing and analyzing different teaching strategies. We ensure that our students focus on reaching the goals they have set for themselves. As the semester nears its end, we are preparing students for their final American Language Course Placement Test (ALCPT). One of the teaching strategies we have begun implementing this month is peer learning.

Peer learning is an education method that helps students solidify their knowledge by teaching each other. This allows the peer teacher to share his/her own learning techniques and styles with other students. During our peer learning sessions, students from the more advanced class give instruction on areas of opportunity: difficult grammar structures, listening skills, and pronunciation. The class instructors provide lesson plan templates and guidance on how peer teachers can aid their peers. However, the peer learning sessions themselves are entirely student-led. The class instructors observe the sessions and provide feedback afterwards.

This kind of direct interaction between students promotes active learning, which is when students engage in their own learning by thinking, discussing, investigating, and creating. Research shows that the addition of active learning strategies in the classroom notable enhances the student learning experience. This direct interaction allows students to study more freely, cement previously taught information, provide a more comfortable setting for students to review and support one another, and initiate conversations between students at various levels of learning. And finally, the peer teachers are able to reinforce their own knowledge of the subject matter by instructing others.

We are excited to see the results of these sessions pay off. Students are already developing more in areas where they have previously struggled. We cannot wait to share further results with you. 

Unit 871 Peer Learning
A peer teacher explaining a difficult grammar concept to other students.
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