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Washington DC Program Improvements

The Lana Learn team met with students and staff members from several of our partner schools to discuss Washington, DC program improvements.

The first full month of Fall was both fun and eventful with Washington, DC program improvements on the forefront of the agenda. The Lana Learn DC team met with students and staff members from several of our partnership schools including Thurgood Marshall Academy, Paul Public Charter School, and Theodore Roosevelt High School. While it’s always great engaging with stakeholders in-person, each of our meetings proved to be extra beneficial, as they allowed us to collect valuable feedback on how to best tailor our services to continuously meet the ever-evolving needs of each school community.

The Lana DC team also hand delivered thank you notes and Starbucks gift cards to the amazing teachers who recently participated in our SAT-professional development program. It felt great to be able to give the teachers a small token of our appreciation for all their hard work in preparing our students to be successful. The gratitude they expressed upon receiving the gifts made the deliveries even more rewarding!

Washington DC program improvements
District of Columbia Office
2101 L Street, NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20037
Washington State Office
800 5th Avenue, Suite 101-800
Seattle, WA 98104

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