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Vietnam Teachers’ Day

The Lana Learn team in Hanoi celebrates Vietnam Teachers’ Day with students and base officials at Unit 871.

The Lana Learn instructors celebrate Vietnam Teachers’ Day on Friday, November 20th with their students and military officials at the base.

The proceedings started early with speeches and welcoming messages from Unit 871 representatives. Instructors from other English language training programs joined the Lana Learn instructors to watch the performances.

The importance of education falls high within the culture of the Vietnamese people. The effort they put forth to celebrate their teachers is nothing short of heartwarming.

On behalf of Lana Learn instructors, we can say, without a doubt, that our students’ respect and appreciation for education mirrors their determination to learn and achieve greatness.

We at Lana Learn in Vietnam thank all our students for the support. We appreciate the opportunity to celebrate teachers in Vietnam and across the world.

Vietnam Teachers' Day

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