Vietnam student spotlight

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Vietnam Student Spotlight

American Language Course student inspires classmates with his dedication and enthusiasm for the course.

November began with a lot of excitement with it being the first full month with our students at Unit 871. One student inspires classmates daily, and we at Lana Learn want to showcase his commitment to learning. Our students are our top priority and the reason for being on the base. It has been really humbling and inspiring getting to know the officers in our program.

They all have different back stories and motivations for being in the program but are similar in their drive to learn. The entire experience is so humbling and leaves me looking forward to coming to class every day.

The students are so proud of what they do, and I often find myself having chats with them during break times while they retell their training experiences and travels whilst in the military.

One of the senior members in my class has been a particular pleasure to meet. At 38 years old, Major Sơn has shown such dedication and enthusiasm for the course that it has inspired his classmates to follow suit. He is a “lead through action” character which shows in his ability to motivate the other students. It has been incredibly rewarding watching him gain the ability to communicate. He can now talk about the things he is most proud of: his job, his family, and his future ambitions.

His attitude and demeanor have had such a positive impact on the class’s progress. We are very thankful to have him with us.

Stay tuned for our next Vietnam student spotlight – we can’t wait to share more about our program.

Student inspires classmates
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