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Tina’s Corner: Onwards and Upwards

Lana Learn expands onwards and upwards to educate, elevate, and empower organizations and individuals, including new support for English language training overseas.

Over the past 12 years, Transcend Academy – now Lana Learn – has primarily supported the Washington, DC region’s governments, schools, and families with academic and college preparation services. I’m excited now to see Lana Learn grow our work to support English Language Training. Onwards and upwards!

Be expanding our work to include English language training, Lana Learn develops instructional expertise in English language acquisition to support learners with achieving follow-on goals. For students, in might mean academic achievement in schools. For adult learners, it might mean job-specific training to progress in their career path. Our mission at Lana Learn is to educate, elevate, and empower every individual and organization.

In October 2022, we kicked off a new English Language Training program for the U.S. Air Force. We are proud to be part of the education and training journey. Thanks to our government agency partner for entrusting us with building and delivering language acquisition results for these military officers. We can’t wait to see what’s next in our onwards and upwards journey.

onwards and upwards
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