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Test Prep Success and Key Insights on the Digital SAT

Lana’s Test Prep Manager offers updates on the program’s successes, key insights on the digital SAT, and future curriculum enhancements for the program.

As June wraps up, it’s time to reflect and share some exciting updates and insights from Lana’s standardized test prep programs. This month was particularly eventful, with many of our students sitting for the June SAT and ACT test dates. We are thrilled to report that all our students who took these exams saw significant improvements in their scores. This success story is a testament to their hard work and the effectiveness of our personalized tutoring sessions.

Lessons from the Digital SAT

One of the most notable developments this year has been the transition to the digital SAT. According to the College Board, 84% of students reported a more positive experience with the digital format compared to the traditional paper-based test. This feedback aligns with what we have heard from our own students. The digital SAT offers a streamlined, user-friendly experience that reduces test-day stress and enhances focus.
However, it’s important to note that not all feedback has been universally positive. A recent Forbes article highlighted that many students found the math modules on the digital SAT significantly more challenging than anticipated. This was particularly true when comparing the actual test difficulty to the practice tests available on Bluebook. At Lana Learn, we have noticed similar trends in our review of student performance data.

The Importance of Practice Tests

Through extensive analysis of student practice test data, we identified that Practice Test #4 on Bluebook had the most difficult math section. This indicates that it the best predictor of the level of difficulty students would face on the actual exam. Recognizing the importance of adequate preparation, we encourage our students to focus on this practice test to build resilience and familiarity with challenging content.

Additionally, the College Board recently expanded their resources by adding two more practice tests, #5 and #6, to the existing four on Bluebook. They also introduced a student question bank this spring, which includes filters for difficulty and specific skills. These new tools are invaluable for targeted practice and mastery of specific areas, helping students prepare for the nuances of the digital SAT.

Looking Ahead: Curriculum Updates

As we head into summer, our team is dedicated to reviewing and refining our curriculum based on these recent insights. Our goal is to ensure that students are not only prepared but also confident as they approach their test dates. Here are a few key areas we will focus on:

  • Enhanced Math Preparation: Given the feedback about the challenging math modules, we will integrate more complex problems into our practice sessions, especially those similar to Practice Test #4.
  • Utilizing New Resources: We will incorporate the new practice tests (#5 and #6) and the student question bank into our study plans, allowing for a more comprehensive and adaptable learning experience.
  • Digital Test Strategies: We will continue to emphasize strategies specific to the digital format, helping students to navigate this new testing landscape with ease.

Celebrating Success

We couldn’t be prouder of our students’ achievements this month. Their hard work, combined with our tailored tutoring approach, has led to remarkable score improvements. As we continue to enhance our curriculum, we remain committed to supporting each student on their journey to academic success.

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