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Supportive Learning Environments lead to Student Success

The supportive learning environments built by Lana’s academic coaches helps students achieve success across the board in Washington, DC.

As Washington, DC high schools are reaching the end of the school year, Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) academic coaches are focused on preparing students for final exams. Mr. Stedman Allen, the academic coach at IDEA Public Charter School, consistently fostered a safe space for students. He cultivated a supportive learning environment that promoted meeting students where they are. This third cohort of HIT programming includes 25 students who are continuing to make great strides in both attendance and grades as the school year ends.

Mr. Allen’s students developed trusting friendships in his supportive learning environment.

Mr. Allen strives to empower, support, and motivate his students. He laid the groundwork early in the semester to set his students up for academic and personal success. This is evident in his students’ results: In the final quarter, his cohort achieved 85% program attendance. Additionally, 100% of his students passed the final quarter/ school year with a letter grade of C or higher.

For the past nine months, Mr. Allen has focused on fostering positive relationships with his students. This included using his connections at Deloitte to collaborate with IDEA PCS for Impact Day. This type of relationship building and going the extra mile promotes a sense of trust and care between a tutor and students. His students have matched his efforts in their hard work and dedication to their own academic improvement. The positive trends in both student attendance and grades are prime examples of not leaving any stone unturned and continuing the task until the very end.

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