students invest time studying for one exam

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Students Invest Time in Studying for the “Right” Exam

Lana Learn works with Washington Latin PCS staff to analyze test results, so students invest time studying for one exam.

Lana Learn values its long-standing partnership with Washington Latin Public Charter School. We have worked with school staff to provide their students with high-quality SAT preparation materials. This month, Washington Latin proctored a practice ACT exam to give students insight into which exam (ACT or SAT) is best suited for them. Their practice test results will give students a better understanding of which exam works more to their strengths. This allows them to invest time in studying for one of the two exams.

According to U.S. News, taking both tests is unnecessary and presents challenges in test preparation. Both the ACT and SAT give students the opportunity to demonstrate their college readiness. Test scores give colleges an indication of students’ skill sets in critical thinking and analyzing. However, the tests differ in format, content, and scoring. This makes it difficult to prepare adequately for both tests, and students are often better off focusing on one.

At Lana Learn, we are proud to offer our services to high-performing charter schools looking to evaluate their students’ academic performance. Washington Latin administered the exam to their students, and Lana Learn staff scored and analyzed the test results.

Analyzing practice exams is a vital tool for charter schools to assess student academic progress. It allows teachers to identify areas where students need additional support. Our team understands the importance of providing accurate evaluations and personalized attention to students in charter schools. We appreciate being part of a system that fosters high academic standards.

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