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Student Skillsets Expand at End Of Year Impact Day

Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring participants finished the year with strong grades and acquired new financial literacy skills.

June marks the last month for Cohort 2 of Lana’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program at Theodore Roosevelt High School. Cohort 2 consisted of 9th Grade students in ELA and Algebra I. Students in ELA wrapped up their argumentative writing unit and had a chance to present their research from their final essays. Additionally, students gained the opportunity to boost their financial literacy skills with a visit from Deloitte.

Cohort 2 Attendance and Academic Success

Cohort 2 finished with an overall attendance rate of 68% in which students participated in either two 45-minute sessions or two 90 minute sessions each week. Overall, 94% of students passed the course in which they received academic coaching sessions.

Impact Day with Deloitte

The month of June also saw a partnership with Deloitte for Impact Day on June 7th. Deloitte staff members prepared a half-day program for HIT students at Roosevelt High School, where students participated in sessions on financial planning. Several topics were covered such as budgeting for student loans, buying a car, and paying for living expenses. The students were able to create their own budget based upon the median pay for a career that they expressed interest in. This program was beneficial for students, as planning for years beyond high school is necessary for all students to succeed.

Students explore financial literacy with Deloitte staff

Best practices for teaching programs on student financial success that Deloitte delivered to students include:

1. Real-World Relevance

Connect financial concepts to real-life situations and decisions they will face post-graduation, such as managing student loans, budgeting for living expenses, and saving for major purchases.

2. Interactive Learning

Use interactive activities, simulations, and case studies to make financial topics engaging and applicable to students’ lives.

3. Personal Finance Topics

Cover essential topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, managing debt, understanding credit scores, taxes, and basic economic principles.

4. Hands-On Experience

Incorporate opportunities for practical application, such as managing a mock budget or participating in a stock market simulation.

5. Critical Thinking

Encourage critical thinking about financial decisions, weighing risks and benefits, and evaluating financial products and services.

6. Long-Term Planning

Discuss long-term financial planning topics like retirement savings, insurance options, and setting financial goals.

7. Ethical and Responsible Behavior

Emphasize ethical considerations in financial decisions and responsible financial behavior, such as avoiding predatory lending and understanding consumer rights.

8. Personal Reflection and Goal Setting

Encourage students to reflect on their financial goals and develop actionable steps towards achieving them.

9. Peer Learning and Collaboration

Promote peer learning and collaboration through group projects and discussions on financial topics.

We were excited to welcome Deloitte into our space to continue to provide a valuable academic experience for our students. Looking forward, we are excited to continue programming throughout the Summer at Roosevelt High School.

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