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School Site Visits

Lana Learn offers school site visits at DC Public School to provide teachers with additional SAT professional development support.

This month, the Lana Learn team in Washington, DC made plans for school site visits at DC Public Schools. Our team is excited to shadow a few of the teachers who participated in our SAT professional development course. Lana Learn staff already offers regular office hours meetings with teachers. This gives them a chance to go over the Lana Learn SAT prep curriculum and materials provided.

Lana Learn strives to provide these teachers with all-encompassing support. To continue to improve our programs, it is important for the team to visit the classrooms to receive feedback. Maya and Shaun will visit teachers at school such as H.D. Woodson High School, Anacostia High School, and Theodore Roosevelt High School in the upcoming new year to discuss positive trends and areas for improvement. In addition, we will be providing them with some of the new Lana Learn swag!

school site visits
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