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SAT Teacher Outreach Program

Lana Learn delivers an SAT teacher outreach program to support to busy teachers who have taken on teaching additional SAT prep courses.

This month the teachers at DC Public Schools received students’ PSAT scores from SAT School Day in October. Lana Learn has been busy contacting teachers about these scores and coming up with innovative ways to deliver additional support to teachers who are struggling to provide their students with SAT prep. Particularly, Academic Coach, Lashanah Thomas, has been leading the SAT teacher outreach program and has been creating short and digestible videos for teachers to watch.

These teachers are often taking on SAT prep in addition to the subjects they normally teach. They have a lot on their plate to say the least. It is important to the Lana Learn team to help lighten the teachers’ load and provide support where needed. We are grateful for the teachers who take on this extra work and help their students perform to the best of their ability on the SAT exam.

    SAT teacher outreach program
    District of Columbia Office
    2101 L Street, NW Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20037
    Washington State Office
    800 5th Avenue, Suite 101-800
    Seattle, WA 98104

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