SAT score improvements

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SAT Score Improvements at Washington Latin PCS

Lana Learn and Washington Latin school staff are pleased to see SAT score improvements upon test prep course completion.

Lana Learn held an SAT prep course at Washington Latin Public Charter School in February to prepare students for the exam in March. We recently received the test results which showed notable SAT score improvements. Lana Learn continues to provide individualized partner support, and met with school administration to review the latest round of exam cores and discuss feedback. Both Lana Learn team members and school administration we pleased to see significant gains compared to students’ previous attempts.

We attribute these successes to our comprehensive SAT prep program. Programming includes targeted instruction on key skills, individualized support, and access to a variety of resources and materials. We make sure to include materials that support independent study. Our dedicated team of educators has worked hard to ensure that students are well-equipped to succeed on this critical exam. We are proud to see their efforts paying off, and look forward to continuing this student support in the future.

SAT score improvements
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