Language Lab Revamp

October 14, 2022

Lisa Garsson

Lana Learn continues preparing for English language training in Vietnam by planning language lab renovations.

The Lana Learn team continues setting up the English language training program in Vietnam, which includes a language lab revamp. The lab, last updated in 2007, was previously used by students to complete the American Language Course Language Lab Activities training materials. Lana Learn, on the other hand, has bigger and better plans for the space. The team envisions this to be a learning resource area for the students to use after regular class hours, an event space to host guest speakers, and a room for other engagement-based activities. 

Currently, the lab boasts equipment seemingly from a different era, including bulky computers and an overhead projector. Lana Learn has partnered with OMT, a Vietnamese tech solutions company, to outfit the learning center with latest equipment. Ms. Ha Dau, CEO of OMT, has been working closely with Lana Learn’s Lisa Garsson and Major Thuy from Unit 871 to coordinate the logistics of the redesign. Next steps for team is the removal of current, outdated equipment and furniture. We can’t wait to see how this language lab revamp will contribute to the overall success of the program. Stay tuned for updates on this space! 

language lab revamp

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