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HIT Program Students Attend Advanced Summer Programs

Several HIT Program students at Thurgood Marshall Academy’s successes led to eligibility for Advanced Summer Programs.

It’s the last week of June as I write this article. At Thurgood Marshall Academy, it’s the weeklong pause between the school year ending and summer programs beginning. It’s also the last week of High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) at TMA. The last two weeks of the school year at TMA were quite busy and eventful. Final examinations week, Student Portfolio presentations week, and graduation for the Thurgood Marshall Academy class of 2024. I spent most of these last two weeks, post classes and HIT sessions, coaching students for their Portfolio presentations.

Student Portfolios

All students at TMA are required to make a portfolio presentation to a panel of teachers discussing their school year. Students describe their successes, their less successful endeavors, what they could do better, and how they plan to implement lessons learned in the future. This develops three key skills: public speaking, critical thinking, and basic interviewing skills. I was happy to help with 9th graders who were new public speaking and nervous about the prospect of presenting!

I was also fortunate enough to attend the graduation ceremony for Thurgood Marshall Academy’s class of 2024. Every senior will be going on the university of their choice, several scholarships earned, and financial aid packages given out. I’m looking forward to seeing my 9th graders and all HIT participants successfully graduate from TMA in the coming years!

What’s Next

This summer I will be working with sixteen 9th and 10th graders participating in dual enrollment programs. Students will be taking courses at the University of the District of Columbia, Marymount University, Virginia State University, Bard College, and Montgomery College. Seven HIT Program students from my cohort this year will be participating in this program.

In addition, four other HIT program participants have been selected for the Modern States “Freshman Year for Free” online program. This program allows them to take up to two first-year college courses tuition-free and earn credits before starting 10th grade. I will be supporting students who are enrolled All this will be capped off in august with orientation for the incoming 9th grade class, and selection of participants for the next HIT module in the fall.

It will be a busy summer and I’m looking forward to all of it! This summer, students are working on solidifying successful pathways to college two and three years ahead of their senior years. I offer my congratulations to them all.

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