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High-Impact Tutoring at Thurgood Marshall Academy

The Lana Learn team is implementing High-Impact Tutoring in ELA and math subjects at Thurgood Marshall Academy.

Lana Learn’s High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program kicked off last month, and the team is in full swing at our partner schools. The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in Washington, D.C. funds and oversees this program. It will help approximately 315 freshmen fill in academic gaps that were widened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to find out how Lana Learn Academic Coach, Toju, is implementing high-impact tutoring at Thurgood Marshall Academy.

Being a representative of Lana Learn at Thurgood Marshall, I am so excited to work with two teams that fully support the HIT program and its potential impact on students. There is no shortage of students – we currently have 10 participants for English language arts (ELA) and 17 for math. Between school administration and teachers, I have ample support from the Thurgood Marshall staff. They have ensured that I have the tools and space I need to be able to focus on my students. In my first month at the school, I have focused primarily on laying the foundation for a successful HIT program. This has included class observations, student interactions, and meetings with school staff.

Utilizing the recommended HIT session guidelines, I have constructed a weekly coaching schedule. I will be conducting frequent weekly meetings of either two or three coaching sessions per week. Each session will last between 30-45 minutes depending on the frequency of the sessions. The goal is to provide high-dosage tutoring of of 90 minutes per week. This schedule will give me a full plate of coaching sessions, which I’m looking forward to.

In summary, I’m loving my role here at Thurgood Marshall. My objective of supporting 9th grade Math and ELA is clear (and distinct from the classroom teachers and tutors/class aides). Additionally, I’ve been asked if I want to assist with the extracurricular activities such as the track team and drama class. As much as I appreciate the offer, my focus is establishing a successful HIT program at Thurgood Marshall. My priority is providing my students with an amazing experience and tangible results!

Lana Learn staff at Thurgood Marshall Academy
Toju and Shaun on site.
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