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Goal-Setting for High-Impact Tutoring

Lana Learn focuses on High-Impact Tutoring goal-setting at IDEA Public Charter School as programming shifts to the summer semester.

June brought a flurry of end-of-year events for IDEA Public Charter School students: portfolio presentations, graduation, and a trip to Hershey Park. The Lana Learn team encouraged students to reflect on their challenges and successes from the last two semesters – creating portfolios and presenting them to their peers. We used this time to look back on the first year of our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program. Our team reviewed program data with goal-setting in mind for the upcoming school year. 

Summer school is going to be a crucial time for addressing learning gaps and messaging the “why” behind HIT programming prior to the start of the school year. Now that we have the entire academic calendar to work with, we have more time to establish norms and a culture of rigor and mutual respect. 

The beauty of education is that you can start afresh at the beginning of each school year, semester, quarter, week, day, and class. There is never a “wrong’ time to set goals or start something new because something else was not working. I appreciate this about the work that we do and draw inspiration from our students’ resilience as they combat their own obstacles and fears. Obstacles exist in every path of life – but growth persists.

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