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Deloitte Hosts Impact Day for HIT Program Students

After months of collaboration, Deloitte Hosted an Impact Day event for the HIT Program teaching financial literacy and personal branding.

In January, our HIT Program Manager, Maya Burke, began collaborating with a team of Deloitte employees to host “Impact Day.” This event would allow Deloitte to work with the students and schools in our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program in Washington, DC. Three of our four HIT schools participated and collaborated on the day: IDEA Public Charter School, Thurgood Marshall Academy, and Theodore Roosevelt High School. Deloitte volunteers visited Roosevelt and TMA, while students from IDEA PCS attended workshops at Deloitte. Some of the topics covered were financial literacy, career readiness, entrepreneurship, personal branding, and communications. These workshops offered students valuable lessons not typically taught in schools, helping them plan for their futures.

Financial Literacy

Students participated in a financial literacy workshop to learn how to handle money responsibly. They learned essential skills such as:

  • How to create a budget given a certain income
  • Banking basics and the difference between checking and savings accounts
  • Credit and its importance
  • How to pay for and finance big purchases such as cars or houses.

All participants were shocked by the average person’s expenses and what it takes to cover them. The workshop provided valuable knowledge to help them stay ahead in managing their finances.

Personal Branding

Students also had the opportunity to participate in a personal branding workshop. During this workshop they explored the “why?” in what motivates them. This led to the importance of personal branding and how it relates to them. The workshop guided them in creating their own brand and managing their online presence to keep it safe. By the end of the session, students understood that personal branding is crucial as it helps them develop agency over their own image.

Students had a great time learning from the Deloitte team.

We appreciate the time and effort the Deloitte team has put into making this happen. Since January, they have put in time each week to communicate with our team, as well as schools, to plan out each detail ensuring that the day was a success. We thank them for volunteering their time and knowledge to the DC students that we work with!

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