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Cultural assumptions training promotes supportive learning environments

The Lana team participated in a cultural assumptions training to better provide equitable and empowering support to students.

I’m excited to share that in April, the entire Lana Learn Washington, DC staff participated in our second training conducted by the DC Institute for Youth Development. Titled “Cultural Assumptions from Adultism to Caring,” this training delved into crucial topics surrounding the perceptions and treatment of young people in educational settings. The session provided our team with valuable strategies to foster a more supportive environment for our students.

During the training, our staff explored common cultural assumptions about young people and how these assumptions manifest in practice. By examining our own biases and preconceptions, we gained a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by young people and the impact of societal stereotypes on their educational experiences. This awareness is essential in ensuring that we provide equitable and empowering support to all students, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.

The session also addressed the pervasive issue of adultism and its detrimental effects on young people’s lives. Our team learned to recognize and challenge forms of adultism that may inadvertently perpetuate power imbalances and undermine students’ autonomy. By addressing these biases, we can create a more respectful and inclusive learning environment where all students feel valued and empowered to succeed. One of the highlights of the training was the exploration of alternative “caring” behaviors that counteract adultism and promote positive interactions with young people.

Overall, this training session was a transformative experience for our DC team at Lana Learn. It reinforced our commitment to providing compassionate and inclusive support to all students. Additionally, it equipped us with valuable tools to challenge systemic barriers and promote equity in education. We are excited to apply the insights gained from this training in our work and continue to create a positive impact on the lives of the young people we serve.

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