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Complementing Classroom Curricula

Lana Learn’s language lab classes are complementing classroom curricula as students prepare for the English Comprehension Level test.

Lana Learn’s language lab classes complementing classroom curricula are in full swing at military base Unit 871 in Hanoi. The students are currently working through their American Language Course Language Lab Activities books that coincide with their regular classroom materials. These listening activities are representative of what they will hear when taking the English Comprehension Level (ECL) test that will qualify them for follow-on training at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in San Antonio. 

The students have expressed how valuable these listening activities are alongside their regular classes. Because the lab work is individual, it gives students an opportunity to complete the activities at a pace that’s suitable for their needs. This approach, in addition to the group-centered work they do in their regular classes, allows students to receive well-rounded English language training.

In 2023, the instructors will be working together to incorporate outside digital resources in the language lab curriculum. With programs such as and Quill, instructors will be able to gain even more insights into their students’ progress, thus improving the overall learning experience. 

complementing classroom curricula
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