Student Spotlights

Building Relationships at Summer School

Lana Learn academic coaches are building relationships at summer school to help students elevate their personal and academic growth.

Most people groan at the thought of summer school, but the smaller class sizes are ideal for relationship building. You have the opportunity to learn more about your students. This time allows for insight barriers that prevent them from succeeding during the academic year. Explore what brought them to summer school to reduce the risk of them repeating the same mistakes. These mistakes are often due to factors out of their control. This summer, Lana Learn academic coaches are implementing summer school for our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) program at IDEA Public Charter School. We are focusing on building relationships at summer school to make the biggest impact on our students.

Summer school can be mundane, or it can be a time for students to regroup and refocus. What went awry this school year? How can we prevent that from happening again? It is just as important to reflect and goal set as it is revisit key concepts and skills. It is a “pause” from the frantic pace of high school; a chance to reimagine yourself and problem solve.

Working Towards the Future

Kahmille came to summer school with a renewed sense of urgency. It was clear to us from the first day that her intent was to prioritize academics. Rather than let peers distract her, she continues to encourage and collaborate with them appropriately.

When I asked what shifted from the spring, she credited her own emotional growth and motivation. She turns sixteen in September and sees this milestone as a chance to work towards the future she envisions for herself. Kahmille aspires to be a lawyer. She framed this summer’s argumentative writing curriculum as an opportunity to hone in on that skillset. She told me that she wants to attend either Howard or Georgetown University. Her renewed focus stems from her desire to work towards her goals.

Students are zeroing in on their chosen topics this week. They consistently refer to their research logs to craft their claims and develop strong arguments. While we look forward to reviewing their finished products and celebrating growth, it’s just as important to have crucial conversations about their hopes and goals. I am excited to see what the academic year brings as these students step into their new roles as 10th¬†and 11th¬†graders and our new cohort takes shape. I will be looking to Kahmille and her peers as student leaders. There is no doubt they will make us proud.

Kahmille with her argumentative writing outline.
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