Impact Insights

Analyzing Student Data to Maximize Impact

As the school year comes to an end, the Lana Learn team is analyzing student data to maximize impact for the continuation of its HIT programming.

This month, Lana Learn completed the first semester of our High-Impact Tutoring (HIT) Program in Washington, DC. This OSSE-funded program will help 315 students fill in academic gaps widened by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have four partner schools: HD Woodson High School, IDEA Public Charter School, Roosevelt High School, and Thurgood Marshall Academy. Since March, our dedicated team of academic coaches, armed with expertise and passion, have been providing personalized assistance to as many as 30 students in each school. The focus of the HIT program is academic tutoring in math, English and science. Throughout this first semester, there were easily observable impacts, such as improvements in student confidence and engagement. We are currently analyzing student data to determine impacts/outcomes on grades and attendance.

Analyzing the data not only allows us to measure the tangible outcomes of our tutoring efforts but also provides us with valuable lessons that will guide us in refining our program’s approach. This will be our “north-star” as we move into this summer and upcoming school year. During the summer semester, Lana Learn will provide a continuation of programming for at least IDEA Public Charter School & Thurgood Marshall Academy. Programming will continue for all four of our partner schools in the upcoming school year. 

By identifying patterns and trends, we can better understand the specific needs of our students and tailor our tutoring strategies to address them effectively. Additionally, these insights will enable us to make data-driven decisions, fine-tuning our program’s structure and resource allocation to maximize impact.  In the next phases of our High-Impact Tutoring Program, we will build upon the insights gained and apply them with renewed energy and determination!

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